Wedding Stationery

The year 2020 is one that is remembered in a very negative light. However I have a positive memory. In the year 2020 I was able to design my own wedding save the dates and invites as well as some other stationery type items. I […]

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Engagement Calendar

This was a fun personal project for a friends engagement. This calendar is a series of photographs featuring friends of the engaged couple. We had a lot of fun dressing up and being silly. The calendar itself was a hit. A great GAG gift if […]

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Be Three

To raise funds for our 2016 exhibition called “Unknown”, each student was asked to submit at least one piece to be exhibited and (hopefully) sold. The theme for the show was exploration and many of my class mates were designing pieces featuring space and travel […]

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Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers was a project from my studies in 2016. The brief was to design packaging for five types of salt, utilizing a texture-based approach. The five salts were: Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Lava Sea Salt, Trapani Sea Salt, Persian Blue Salt and Fleur […]

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Lola – Cover Design

Designing for award winning Australian author Deborah Ritchie. The unpublished manuscript “Tattoos: a beginners guide” required a cover design, social media advertising and promotional graphics. The story featured a retrospective view of a teenagers life symbolized in tattoos. Written in a grunge, teen-angst style with […]

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Annual Report

Annual Reports involve a large amount of data being assembled into a readable and legible document which sometimes can be a bit dull. I am using typography and a limited colour palette to create an interesting but still corporate Annual Report.

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Like a BOSS – Wine Packaging

One of my projects while studying was a wine packaging project. The objective was to design packaging for wine. Part of the design process was to design the wine for a specific target market and to mock up the wine packaging in Photoshop 3D. I […]

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Caricature – Bill Nighy

An illustrative assignment given to me by my drawing lecturer. We had to choose a celebrity or well known person. Many of my peers were choosing politicians or people they wanted to make fun of. I chose Bill Nighy. He is one of my favourite […]


Children’s Book Illustration

“The dusty traveller eventually found himself at the edge of an ancient dark forest. The firey sun had given him a tormenting thirst, so he strode into the wood in search of water. Near sunset he came upon a small clean lake. Tired and relieved […]

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Posters of 2015

Here is a compilation of posters that I have made for the year of 2015. Most of these posters are from assignments that I have been working on for my Certificate 4 in Graphic design.

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