Sculpture Camp 2011

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Boot, Mt Narrier, 2011

Sculpture Camp in 2011 was at Mount Narrier Station, picture red dirt and lots of midgies and no mobile phone reception. Mount Narrier Station is usually dry but it rained for the first two days that we were there. There is something about working in the middle of nowhere, watching your piece grow with consistent hard work, while also being aware abouthow much time we had (we were only staying for a week, so 5 working days). There were no distractions, the weather became a dry heat which was quite energizing as it wasn’t humid and the nights were cool and clear, the stars amazingly bright. The station owners, Carol & Sandy had there own tip which we could use to collect found materials, or we could work straight from the land which is what I chose to do. I finished my boot the day before we were to go around as a class and show what we had made, so I decide to make a quick fire sculpture which we would burn the next night (hows that for ephemeral!).

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