Sculpture Camp 2012

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Sculpture camp in 2012 was held at Kirkalocka Station, lots of red dirt, so much space & no mobile phone reception. The difference between this year and last year is that I have started doing some sound art work so I was really wanting to do some kind of sound installation using found materials. The property owners also had there own (untouched by artists) tip, so there was a lot of choice when it came to found materials.

It was really windy the first three days so I decided to utilize some old empty beer bottles as part of a sound installation, made from entirely found materials. The end result didn’t look pretty but when the wind blew the sound was overwhelming. Though after the first few days of windy weather the wind decided to die down so that by the time the day of walking around showing all the other students what I had made, the main aspect of it was unable to be heard.

I did by chance end up making another artwork which was over at the quartz outcrop. This was a series of seven stone shrines in which i had stacked on top of the huge quarts boulders. The atmosphere around the whole quartz outcrop was intensly surreal. There was a plaque dedicated to some who had died and had the ashes scattered there which gave the site a almost sacred feel. The rocks and plants growing in between them also made it feel like a sanctuary away from the harsh weather of the outback. It was a great place to meditate really calm and quiet.

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