Children’s Book Illustration

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“The dusty traveller eventually found himself at the edge of an ancient dark forest. The firey sun had given him a tormenting thirst, so he strode into the wood in search of water. Near sunset he came upon a small clean lake. Tired and relieved he knelt at the grassy edge and plunged his face, beard and all, into the cool water. He drank deeply of the sweet clear liquid. But when he tried to stand up something held tight to his long beard below the waters surface. Terrified he watched a horrible face emerge from the depths. Great green eyes, glowing like emeralds and an ugly gaping mouth grinned up at him.”

This paragraph is what I was given in order to design an image for a children’s book. The scale of the original ink painting was A2, although I worked on two A3’s. The image is done in a naive style so as to fit with the children’s book theme.

The Dusty Traveller

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