Like a BOSS – Wine Packaging

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One of my projects while studying was a wine packaging project. The objective was to design packaging for wine. Part of the design process was to design the wine for a specific target market and to mock up the wine packaging in Photoshop 3D. I did quite a lot of research to develop my target market. It would have been easy to base a wine off my own personal interest and taste but I really wanted to do something different. In my research not only was I looking at different target markets but I was also research innovative design and innovative materials.

My research helped me decide on the name Like a BOSS, and the target market of Males aged 25-30. I chose a target market that would normally drink beer, either because it seems masculine or because they have never tasted or thought about wine. Part of the reason I did not choose a typical glass bottle as the vessel was due to the target market. The other reasons were due to the economics, recyclability and production of aluminium cans. There were a lot of statistics, and elements that make aluminium a better material then glass. Transport costs, breakages, raw material usage and the production costs are all much more economical and sustainable than glass. The only problem is that the wine in aluminium cans is unable to be aged as the coating to prevent air entering the wine has an expiry date of twelve months. There are some technologies that are being tested that allow up to five years before needing to be consumed, but at the same time an extremely high percentage of alcohol is consumed within 48 hours of being purchased so that is not really a cause for concern.

My concept was to have at least three types of wines all in the same brand. I had Adrenaline Man – Shiraz, Classy Man – Cabernet Sauvignon and Outdoors Man – Merlot. I only ended up designing one which was Adrenaline man, due to time constraints. The typography and labels need work but I feel like the concept is pretty strong so I’m happy with the outcome (for now).

Adrenaline Man final3Adrenaline Man finalrenderbacklabelAAdrenscreenshotSIxPackAdrenalineManFInal-templateshapecolourclassyscreenshotoutdoorsscreenshot

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