Engagement Calendar

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Graphic Design, Posts

This was a fun personal project for a friends engagement. This calendar is a series of photographs featuring friends of the engaged couple. We had a lot of fun dressing up and being silly. The calendar itself was a hit. A great GAG gift if there ever was one.

Months were renamed as:
JanuFairy – Dressed up as fairies
FABuary – Dressed up as FAB Drag Queens
Mullet March – Mullet Hair-do
April Fools – Look at those bows/beaus
May the Force – Storm Troopers (because why not?)
Hoon June – Hoon on a Motorcycle
Not so dry July – Hungover
August Arborist – Lumber Jack or Tree Surgeon
Short Shorts September – Look at those legs!
Bend Over October – Why do we ‘moon’ our friends?
November Bows – The Bows night out
Dirty December – Strike a pose, wash with hose


Not all months will be shown. This is to avoid publishing vulgar or risky images.

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