About Me

KBsmall2I am a recent Graphic Design Graduate from North Metro Tafe.
My favourite areas in Graphic design are Illustration, Packaging and Typography. I like to do a wide range of things which also includes branding, advertising and printed media.

I am a Fine Arts Graduate from the Central Institute of Technology (formerly Tafe, now North Metro Tafe). I specialized in sculpture, and my graduation show featured mainly ceramic sculptures and some experimental 2D drawings.
I have a more hands on approach,
but will go back and forth between hand done and digital creation.

I like to explore different mediums and I feel that part of being and artist or designer is to not get stuck in one art discipline, but to utilize from each to create something different.

To listen to the sound art I used alongside my Rest In Pieces installation for my 2012 Fine Arts Graduation please follow the link  http://soundcloud.com/katherinebennison

Check out The Secret Life of Lamp – stop motion animation at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iXEYdgOZqJs

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