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Ephemeral, meaning that it lasts only a short time. It is brief, fleeting, impermanent, momentary, passing, short-lived, temporary, transient, and/or transitory. Ephemeral art can therefore not really be sold as an artwork, though it can be documented with drawings, photography and other digital media. Just because this art does not last forever does not mean it is any less “better” or “worse” than other sustainable art.

Melville Sculpture Walk 2013

The tenth anniversary of the City of Melville Sculpture Walk was held at Deepwater Point. From the 23rd of March to the 7th of April my, and over 20 other artist’s work was featured in the natural environment around Deepwater Point Reserve, in Mt Pleasant. My […]

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Sculpture Camp 2012

Sculpture camp in 2012 was held at Kirkalocka Station, lots of red dirt, so much space & no mobile phone reception. The difference between this year and last year is that I have started doing some sound art work so I was really wanting to […]

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Sculpture Camp 2011

Sculpture Camp in 2011 was at Mount Narrier Station, picture red dirt and lots of midgies and no mobile phone reception. Mount Narrier Station is usually dry but it rained for the first two days that we were there. There is something about working in the […]

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