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Experimental mark-making using diferent tools, materials & mediums.

Be Three

To raise funds for our 2016 exhibition called “Unknown”, each student was asked to submit at least one piece to be exhibited and (hopefully) sold. The theme for the show was exploration and many of my class mates were designing pieces featuring space and travel […]

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Hunters and Gatherers

Hunters and Gatherers was a project from my studies in 2016. The brief was to design packaging for five types of salt, utilizing a texture-based approach. The five salts were: Himalayan Pink Salt, Black Lava Sea Salt, Trapani Sea Salt, Persian Blue Salt and Fleur […]

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Graduation Show 2012

Graduating from three years at the Central Institute of Technology, studying Contemporary Art & Craft, Advanced Diploma. A whole year went into this show. Half of the year spent trying to figure out what it was I wanted to make. At the start of the […]

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Salt & Ink

Salt, water & ink are used here to experiment with different marks that can be made using these elements, also colourful lollies (m&m’s, skittles) are great to use as when they get wet they leak colour onto the paper. The amount of salt used determines […]

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